Monthly Archives: December 2020

How to View Your Abroad Experience Now as a Leader

Lily Fasano, ’20 // Marketing Don’t be that annoying study abroad person who can’t stop talking about all those amazing experiences you’ve encountered. Instead reflect upon the skills you have gained, and know that it is okay to have mixed emotions when returning home. Reflect upon your abroad experience, and take charge of your emotions. […]

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5 Tips on How to Optimize LinkedIn while Highlighting Your Abroad Experience

Lily Fasano, ’20 // Marketing A key point to consider when applying your abroad experience to a work setting is mentioning how adaptable and flexible you were when living in another country. Follow Lessons From Abroad on LinkedIn for more tips. Connect with Jessica Harrington or Mandy Reinig who hosted the conference, on how easy […]

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The 3 Most Popular Abroad Exchange Programs Advice by Alumni

Lily Fasano, ’20 // Marketing “The world is your oyster!” Going abroad is a once in a lifetime experience so take advantage while you have the chance! For Exchange Programs abroad check out these tips, and advice to help navigate through Champlain College’s exchange opportunities which include: Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Amsterdam University of Applied […]

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