5 Tips on How to Optimize LinkedIn while Highlighting Your Abroad Experience

Lily Fasano, ’20 // Marketing

A key point to consider when applying your abroad experience to a work setting is mentioning how adaptable and flexible you were when living in another country. Follow Lessons From Abroad on LinkedIn for more tips. Connect with Jessica Harrington or Mandy Reinig who hosted the conference, on how easy it is to add an international experience to your LinkedIn profile and the benefits of doing so and how accessible LinkedIn is for networking.

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1. Banner photo when abroad:

2. Mention your abroad experience in your about section:

3. Add study abroad experience in education section on LinkedIn:

4. Update skill section (Helps with LinkedIn’s algorithm)

5. WordItOut

WordItOut: This site allows you to take job descriptions and it will point out key words that an employer is looking for which could be useful to know when going in for an interview.