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Letter from the Sr. Director of International Education

Hello Colleagues, These are unprecedented and challenging times for so many, and those of us working in international education have certainly had a wild ride.  The last few months have proven that the Champlain College approach to international programs provides a strong safety net and an ability to respond to any situation that comes our […]

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Harry Potter Class Brings Fantasy to Reality

BY Margaret Distefano, ’19 // professional writing

Margaret DiStefanoPart of Champlain’s unique academic experience centers around a Core curriculum instead of “general education” classes. The Core promotes the ability to express oneself intellectually— through four years of discussion-based classes that focus on the inner self, the Western tradition, global themes, and then a final Capstone connecting all three years. Travel courses are spread throughout second and third year Core classes, so students can take a travel course as early as their third semester at Champlain. The travel component not only provides another dimension to Core classes, but also works as a miniature study abroad experience for students who may not be able to study abroad for a full semester. For others, it confirms their desire to study abroad; for me, I’ve been toying around with studying abroad in London, and going with a travel course to the United Kingdom solidified my desire to try to study abroad in London in the Spring 2018 semester.





All of the Core travel courses highlight and add depth to the subject of the class—heroines and heroes, religion, history, and cultural themes. I went on a trip to the United Kingdom with a “Heroines & Heroes: Harry Potter” travel class, where we visited places all over England and Scotland that were related to Harry Potter film sites and landmarks. It was interesting because Hogwarts, the central location of the series, is not a real place. So unlike the other travel courses, we had the challenge of visiting fictional places. Continue reading

Why Study Abroad and Exchange are Key to a Brighter Future

Written by Noah Goldblatt, Director of Study Abroad, Champlain College

This blog post was inspired by the legacy of Connor Glasset.  May he continue to impact the world in a positive way.  

Otherness and difference are challenging to many Americans.  From the perspective of Social Psychology, we have built in mechanisms to understand the world based on our own cultural norms and traditions.  With that, using our home culture as a yardstick to measure others may even be hardwired into our consciousness.  Study abroad and exchange opportunities allow both domestic and foreign students to experience culture from a completely new perspective thus breaking down assumptions and helping to understand the world in a new light.  Study abroad and exchange create an environment where transformation of the heart and mind is possible.  

International education provides a platform for students to develop their cross-cultural understanding and learn practical international skills that will help provide tools for success in the 21st century economy.  The globe has become increasingly interdependent on many levels, and shutting America off from the world will not prove a panacea for prosperity.

For several decades, American foreign policy has welcomed cultural exchange even with countries that are perceived as enemies.  Sharing our own passions and values with those who do not share our ideology allows for a space of understanding and growth.  American students who study abroad carry home a new framework in which to view the world.  Exchange students who spend time in the US can bring their countries a story of America that is not prevalent in their local media outlets.  As international educators, we are on the front lines of facilitating both inbound and outbound cultural exchange.  Now, more than ever, it feels like we need to promote international education as a pathway to a better and more inclusive future for all.   

Champlain College was just ranked #12 in the country for percentage of students studying abroad in the Open Doors Report released by the Institute of International Education (IIE).  While attending the November 2016 CIEE Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA this week, it became clear that our current political climate is an opportunity to share what we do as international educators.

IIE’s Generation Study Abroad meeting at the CIEE Annual Conference in Los Angeles

Champlain Abroad
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