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Abertay University & Champlain College: Academic Differences

by Maya Armas, ’20 // Game Design Hello everyone, it’s Maya again! I’ve been in Scotland for a little over a month now and getting used to school has been very odd. First, the buildings are quite confusing as one will be nearly a century old and the next will be much more modern and […]

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How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

Lauren Girard, ’20 // International Business April 30, 2020 Choosing a study abroad destination can be difficult- there are so many factors to consider! Programs differ in their curriculum, location, price, culture, size, and more. Champlain offers a variety of programs so you really can study anywhere in the world. Lengths of programs vary. Students […]

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Getting Oriented at AUT

Lauren Girard, ’20 // International Business Kia ora! One of my main concerns when choosing AUT for study abroad was the semester dates. I wondered what I would do until classes began on February 24th, especially since the dorms opened on the 8th. Little did I know, there’s plenty to do! I wish I arrived […]

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