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Waiheke Food and Wine Festival

By: Connor Glasset, Secondary Education Major/Global Studies Minor, Champlain College

Kia ora!

April 2nd was a glorious day. It’s easy to wake up and get moving when you have a full day of wine tasting and eating ahead of you. With that being said, I still managed to sleep in. Luckily, the ferry ride that I had pre-booked for the Waiheke Food and Wine Festival was scheduled to leave at 12:30pm.  I meet up with Ali Sousa and Meghan Richards in the WSA lounge and we made our way down to the ferry and later on to the festival together.

Riding on the top of the ferry, we enjoyed the warmth of the sun as we crossed the harbor on the 40 minute ride to Waiheke Island.  When we stepped off the ferry, we walked on to a waiting shuttle and headed towards the Te Motu vineyard where the event was being held.

As we walked through the front gates we flashed our IDs and got our 18+ wristbands. Also included in the price of admission was an engraved wine glass and a voucher for a free wine tasting at one of the vendor booths. My free voucher was for one glass of wine from the Wild on Waiheke booth.

Wine tasting at the Waiheke Food and Wine Festival

Meghan, Ali and I tasting our free glasses of wine!

Prices varied from booth to booth so naturally we wandered around and scouted them all out before getting in line for our firsts tastings.  Tastings ranged from $2-$4 dollars with full glasses going anywhere from $7-$13.  After a couple of tastings each we decided to enjoy the other facet of the festival, the gourmet food.   Continue reading